Saturday, September 21, 2013

Heroes of Eterna on Vita!?

So I spent a little bit of time this week working to try and get Heroes of Eterna running on a Vita using MonoGame's PSM port. I'd attempted this once before, but ran into trouble with the RakNet references. Since one of my recent changesets was fully removing all of that, I figured I'd have another go of it.

I started with a fun little prototype, TinyGame, and after resolving some content issues, it worked. And, freaking brilliantly:
Easily the definitive version of that little prototype.

So, next, it was on to the big fish. And what a fish it was. It took about an hour to get the menu screen up and working, which was pretty neat:

Next was where all the fun began, but I'll try to go over all the little issues I ran into in another post in case it helps someone down the line.

I did eventually get the project running, but it was... Not Ideal™.

The performance was pretty bad, Input has been handled in an interesting way, none of the sounds were loaded and getting hit by anything crashed the game, but hey, it worked!

Sadly, it looks like I'll have to do a REAL port to PSM using the SDK proper. Don't think the MonoGame port is going to be viable.

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