Sunday, September 8, 2013

Heroes of Eterna: A Casual Quest

Well folks, we finally have ourselves a finalised title!

These last few weeks, while quiet here, have actually been pretty big weeks for updates with some significant changes having been made. Now then, lets get on to the good stuff!

After receiving the first wave of art for it, I've gone ahead and implemented a feature I've wanted for this project since close to the start: Gender Selection! That's right, you'll be able to battle the beasties as a boy or a girl!

Next up we have the fancy new menu system. It still needs work to actually support proper item selection over the push-button-to-select setup it has now, but I feel pretty happy about the look of this new one.
Without further ado:

Yup! Fancy turning book-page menu! There's also a new Options menu, complete with a single option (Music on/off).

The next item I'll go over is the new Music system. The tracks I've been using so far didn't actually loop properly originally. I finally got around to fixing them, but it turns out, the MediaPlayer API I was using still left a noticeable space between the looping. This meant I needed to implement XACT to properly allow for seamless looping, but in order to not have to rewrite everything when porting to Not-Windows-or-Xbox I built an abstraction around it. It now works great and loops seamlessly, and, most importantly, should be easy to write a drop-in replacement using whatever makes sense come porting time.

The last major milestone I'll bring up before the obligatory list of Other Changes™ is the first level completion of the Summoned Monster AI. This wraps up what should be the last skill needed to complete Tier 2 (the Djinni), balancing and tweaks notwithstanding.

And now, a bullet list!
  • Added a bunch of new maps.
  • Changed Project Title.
  • Add Staves to casters! (Now each caster uses their distinct staff instead of the wood sword).
  • Implement Summon's Heal and Attack powers.
  • Change Speed to a float and reduce 2 to 1.5 and 3 to 2 (the Rogueish classes were WAY too fast).
  • Change to PointClamp Sampler mode for cleaner scaling.
  • Better Align pop up text (Paused, GameOver, Quitting).
  • Updated Wave End display with all the details.
  • Added Monster Hit sound effect.
  • Updated Stab and Coin SFX.
  • Add new game Icon.
  • Added Monster/Boss Hit sound effects.
  • Sprite and Tileset updates.
  • Properly handle invisible Phantoms.
  • Fixed collision direction issues with skills.
  • Added new ButtonFont.
  • Other Misc. Bug fixes.

                                For now, I'll leave you with a brief demo video showing off some of the new stuff.
                                Thanks for reading! :)

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