Saturday, September 18, 2010

Well, I forgot.

Despite hoping not to, I seem to have forgotten of this blogs existence for nearly a year.

Well here's hoping for more updates, and here's one to get us started.

As it happens, Alpha Blaster actually was effectively forgotten as well until just a few months ago. Those months have paid off however and the game is a much more polished project, complete with pop-up text, distributed high-scores and all that fun stuff.

I'm also hard at work on an RPG project. The map processor is coming along nicely. It can currently read in all the map data from the files (produced in Tiled with the help of a custom exporter plug-in I put together) including object layer data. It can also display multilayer orthogonal maps (No Iso or Hex yet, if ever) as well as handle a couple types of objects and tile properties (the most useful currently being collision). An interesting ability I've given it is the ability to combine connected collision rectangles, so a big block of collide-able tiles/Objects becomes one big collision rectangle. I was surprised at how complicated this wasn't todo.

That's all today folks.

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