Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's starting to look like a game!

It's been quiet in here lately, and for a few reasons. I've been hooked pretty hard by Terraria lately. It's a remarkably entertaining little gem, and impressively, is an XNA title. But I've also been coding.

For one, I started porting Alpha Blasters over to XNA 4. Most of the immediate compile errors have been cleaned up, but the storage framework seems to have changed completely, requiring a rewrite of the save system. Another time perhaps.

I've also been working on the current project (Which I've codenamed "project 0" for no good reason). I've gotten some art from the artist, and it's looking swell. Have a handful of new dirt tiles to use, so I built the framework to build the terrain by randomly placing them, works and looks great =D. I've also gotten the first pass and basic game state management wired up with some help from the XNA samples over at the App Hub. I also finally got around to wiring up XACT. I have a few songs for use, and some first pass SFX as well. The game mode system is more or less setup, and kills/deaths/respawn has been implemented.

There's still a lot more code to write, and a lot more assets to be built, but it is starting to take a basic shape. I'll be putting together a video soon but, for now, here's a screenshot:

P.S: This also still works flawlessly on Xbox 360 (Better even, as player 1 & 2 can both play).

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