Sunday, April 10, 2011

GameSpy Technology And XNA?

So recently I discovered that "GameSpy Technology" had opened up and is now free for us indie type devs.
So this begs the question, can we XNA developers make use of this techology for our windows projects and, if so, how many hoops would we have to jump through to get the C libraries working in our managed C#?

A thing to ponder on certainly. I plan to dig into this mystery here soon and will report back any progress.

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  1. Turns out the answer is a lot. Looking at the SDK source/test apps, it appears that the intent is to bake the GameSpy code into ones own code rather than linking an API (either statically as a lib or dynamically as a DLL).

    I hate working in C for the most part, so looks like this idea is shelved indefinitely