Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back in Business!

Heh, so I forgot it again. Shocker. This time however I plan to be more active as I'm actively working on CODING a game, rather than trying to design one (Which was the case with the aforementioned RPG project.)

So let's take a second to get things up to speed since he last post. First and foremost: I finished Alpha Blasters and have released it to the world! (Go! download it/rate it/buy it etc...). It took until December 1 to do it, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

Next, the RPG project has been shelved. Couple of reasons behind this include lack of time/interest from the team members, and XNA 4 being released and ruining my map code pretty severely (Hard to draw a map if I can't load the data anymore).

And finally, more good news; I have a new project currently in development and coming along nicely. It's not named yet, and all art is currently placeholder while I work on getting the pieces functional. The core concept is pulled from an old windows game with a fairly large cult following. You may have heard of it: Liero (If you haven't, GO GET IT NOW!).

Great progress has been made in the map system already, and it more or less works (needs some tweaking still, but it functions enough to move on to other pieces), The goal is to get it into DBP 2011. We should have enough time to have it ready for that, but we plan to finish even if we miss the deadline. Anyway, feast your eyes on these early screenshots.

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